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His canon/main verse is his predominant one. That will be the one he speaks about most, unless tagged specifically for either posts will be open.

Canon: Just what it says, though adding to that he has a wife and a young son.
Nick had called on Greg to come and watch Parker. He wanted to surprise Anna by taking her out to dinner and have some alone time with her. Greg took Parker with him leaving them the house for a few hours. He ordered out for dinner, her favorite and had it all set up when she got home.
[Looks really tired, working too much]
My dad.
My mom.
My family (yes I lump them together, too many to list separately and I need them all.)
Warrick (even if it's weird.)
Everyone else at the lab.
Anna's family.
My friends.
My unborn child.
Promotion and a baby? Life's good.

Wedding Day.

Nick couldn't believe the day was finally here, his wedding day. That last few days had been insane with his family all coming in, along with Anna's family. Everyone was buzzing around, and the excitement that was in the air near crackled enough you could hear it. He'd spent the night before awake, nervous. Making sure he had everything he needed. There was a point he thought he lost the rings and panicked only to find them in his pocket having been there the entire time. He knew he shouldn't be nervous, that nothing would go wrong, but he was. He got a few hours sleep, after Anna near almost dragged him to bed.

Now he stood in the room getting dressed, he had went out and bought a new tux for this. He couldn't wait to see Anna in her wedding dress. He could only imagine she looked beautiful in it. He smiled as he thought about her and how very soon they'd be husband and wife. He smiled thinking of their future together, of how they'd talked about starting a family. He finished with his tie, and grabbed his jacket and pulled it on. He took one look in the mirror, and smiled he looked fine. This was it, their day here finally.
Four more days, think everything's ready.